Miners Wives Featured on CBS 60 Minutes

(WVLT) - Families of miners killed in Eastern Kentucky coal mines received national attention, as they continue to try to change mine safety laws.

CBS's Bob Simon interviewed miner's widows in Harlan County on 60 minutes Sunday night.

Simon talked to several families and federal officials about why so many miners were killed in Eastern Kentucky mines in 2006.

Melissa Lee is the widow of Jimmy Lee, one of five men killed in an explosion at the Darby Number 1 mine last May.

She told 60 minutes why she's pushing for new safety laws.

"Why don't you just kiss it all goodbye and just do something else with your life?" asked Simon.

"Because there's too many people still here in Harlan County who have husbands underground. And if me speaking out keeps their sons safe, their grandsons safe, their son-in-laws safe, then I've done something good. My husband's death wasn't in vain," said Lee.

You can view the entire 60 minutes story by clicking here.

Kentucky lawmakers have three more days in the general legislative session to approve the mine safety legislation.

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