Volunteer Firefighter Seriously Injured in Blaze

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Andersonville, Anderson County (WVLT) - A volunteer firefighter is seriously hurt, fighting flames in an Anderson County mobile home.

The fire broke out just before noon Monday on Jade Court in Andersonville.

Tonight, residents at the Woodhaven Trailer Park are praying for two families.

The family who has lost their home and belongings in the fire and for another neighbor who lives nearby, an injured Andersonville volunteer firefighter hurt in the fire as he tried to save his neighbors home.

Broken windows and fire damaged furniture give few clues that a mother of three narrowly escaped a fire in her mobile home, which cost an Andersonville firefighter to suffer serious injuries.

Raven Jenkins who works the night shift was home alone in bed when a smoke alarm startled her.

"I was in bed and I beep beep beep and I woke up opened my door and smoke come through as I was coming out of the house. I seen flames and smoke in my living room"

Jenkins ran through her living room out the front door to call 911 just after 11:00 this morning.

Officials say three firefighters went into the burning trailer in 20 minutes.

Chief Mark Dison, with the Andersonville Volunteer Fire Department says, "there was heavy smoke throughout the structure and they thought they seen fire in the back of the structure and they were just searching it to make sure all the fire was out, and at that time he just got disoriented."

EMT's treated the injured firefighter until Lifestar flew him to UT Medical Center.

Eye witnesses ran to help.

Ricky Kitzmiller says, "I threw on my clothes, and run up there and at first, it was just smoke coming out the doors and when the fire department got here and actually got in, that's when flames started shooting out the door and the bathroom window and that's when the firefighter got hurt."

None of the family of five were hurt.

Jenkins' fiancee Joe Burriss was at the store with the couples three children when the fire started.

Authorities are now checking the fallen firefighters gear to determine if his equipment malfunctioned.

Chief Dison says, "just pray for his family and pray for him."

Neighbors say this is the family's second home to burn within four months.

The red cross is helping them with food, clothing and housing.

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