Bredesen to Press On With Open Records Ombudsman

Nashville (AP) -- Governor Bredesen said Wednesday he intends to press ahead with the creation of an Open Records Ombudsman despite some resistance in the legislature.

Bredesen first suggested the idea more than a year ago. He's earmarked $100,000 to pay for an ombudsman who would help people and elected officials figure out what documents are open to the public.

However, there has been some grumbling among lawmakers about whether there's a need for the position and about whether it should be created this year.

Under legislation passed last May, an 18-member study committee was asked to offer preliminary suggestions about overhauling the state's open government laws by December.

The committee in November decided it did not have enough time to recommend anything, and it's now slated to make its reports a year later than originally intended.

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