Duncan: Halliburton Slaps Taxpayers in the Face

Washington, DC (News Release) - Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. delivered the following one-minute speech on the Floor of the House of Representatives Wednesday:

"Mr. Speaker, Halliburton has decided to move its headquarters to Dubai. This is a company that has received over $25 billion worth of contracts in Iraq, and this is the kind of thanks the U.S. taxpayers get. In fact, this is a real slap in the face of the U.S. taxpayers.

The ABC National News reported Sunday night that Halliburton has been charged by government inspectors of overcharging our government and overcharging our taxpayers to the tune of $2.7 billion.

No company that commits those types of overcharges should ever get a Federal contract again. In fact, in my opinion, the U.S. Government should not give a contract to any company that cannot certify that over half of its employees are U.S. citizens."

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