Mother Jailed; Toddler Left in Car Alone

Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - A toddler is in DCS custody after a restaurant worker found the boy alone in a parked truck outside.

Jacksboro Police arrested the boy's mother, 20-year-old Natasha Bright.

"Who in the world could leave their child in the car only being 2 years old?" says Cierra Adkins, who found the child in the truck.

Natasha Bright says she was going into Wal-Mart for a few minutes with her boyfriend to develop film, those few minutes turned into 45.

"The reason she didn't take him inside the Wal-Mart with her was the child was asleep," says Jacksboro Police Chief Danny Chapman.

And that's how Cierra Adkins found two-year-old Cobain Bright. She was on her break from subway around 6:30 Wednesday evening.

"I seen the truck and the passenger side of it was plastic over the window and I walked around, I seen the baby asleep and it upset me," Adkins has a 5-month-old son of her own, so seeing the child alone really tore her up. "Seeing the child just makes me wanna get in there and get the child and take him home with me because nobody deserves to leave a kid, no kid deserves to be with a family like that."

She says she waited a few minutes for someone to return to the truck. "The kid could have suffocated, could have woke up and not seen anybody."

When no one showed up, Adkins told Wal-Mart security, who then called police.

Officers had to go inside and find bright.

"She acted like that's normal for her to do that. Who knows if she did it before or not, this is the first time she got caught," says Chief Chapman.

Bright is charged with child neglect, the boyfriend faces no charges.

Paramedics say the toddler was checked at the scene and is healthy.

He's in DCS custody after Bright's mother told police she is not physically able to care for him.

"That made me feel really great, because I knew that the kid was gonna be in a safe place through the night," Adkins says.

Police have no information on the father.

The child will remain in DCS custody until they can find a foster home or until authorities believe bright can take care of the child.