Skipping Work to Watch Basketball

(WVLT) - The time you put into the fun during March Madness could result in lots of lost productivity at work.

Lost productivity could cost employers an estimated 1.2 billion dollars over the course of the tournament.

Through a survey, consultants with "Challenger" found only six-percent of companies plan to do anything about that...some will even block access to certain websites.

Another 23-percent embrace March Madness saying their employees deserve to have fun for a few weeks since they work hard all year long. And, or course, there are the few who duck out of work early for the first few days of the tourney to catch the action...Volunteer TV caught a few in the act!

"It's all about the seed and it's all about the bracket," Gary Dawson says.

It's all about the game... and getting to watch it!

"One day of the year that most people can get out of work a little early to watch their pools watch the games and see what happens," Bill Fitzgerald says.

But what happenes when you have to work during game time? Some say, disguise yourself and change your identity...

"My real name? Jack Frost, uhh... Joe Morgan," Jonathan Degnan says.

"By central time, we're still at work," Fitzgerald says.

Whitney Daniel: "So you're not skipping out on work to watch the games?"

"Are you sure my boss is not going to see this?" Fitzgerald continues.

Actually, more people than you expect are catching the action during work time. The Challenger Employer Survey estimates about 22.9 million March Madness maniacs will spend an average of 13.5 minutes online...checking scores, updating brackets.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows those 22.9 million make about $16.80 an hour. So, when you add it up... that's 86.6 million in unproductive wages on the first day of the tournament.

Click here to watch live games from the NCAA March Madness Tournament online.

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