Inmate Testifies in Sevier Murder Trial

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Sevierville, Sevier County (WVLT) - Friday the prosecution rested in the trial of John Wayne Blair who is accused of killing Kelly Sellers.

But not before questioning an inmate who says Blair confessed everything to him.

The defense began calling witnesses a in the middle of the afternoon on Friday. Earlier in the day the prosecution called an inmate, one cell above John Wayne Blair who said Blair confessed everything to him.

"I was in cell 254 and he was below me in cell 154," Sevier County jail inmate Darrel Starks says he wrote down everything John Wayne Blair told him about Kelly Sellers murder in April of 2005.

"John and Tommy went into the bedroom and they both had sex with Kelly."

Starks says John told him that he and his friend Tommy Humphrey were on hallucinogens when they both became violent with Sellers.

"John stated that Tommy used a flashlight on Kelly. Tommy took Kelly into the bathroom and turned on the shower. John stated that Kelly screamed out 'No, please don't, you guys don't have to do this.'"

That's when Starks says Tommy asked Blair to get some thing to wrap Sellers up in.

"Kelly was just laying there, blood was on the floor, she looked asleep. He asked Tommy was she dead? Tommy replied, 'She should be, John.' He hit her in the head just to make sure."

The trial will pick back up here Saturday morning. The defense has yet to get through their testimonies and to closing arguments. The jury has been sequestered in a hotel since Tuesday night. This has been a long process for them, and they are trying to get this wrapped up as quickly as possible. We will have updates for you as they become available.