Law Enforcement Crackdown Before St. Patrick's Day

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Knoxville (WVLT) - St. Patrick's Day is a popular weekend, and just like every weekend, law enforcement are out cracking down on those breaking the law when they get behind the wheel.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt spent the evening riding with a Knoxville Police officer.

The officer Allison rode with pulled someone over for running a red light, and he had an open container. That's what officers will be looking for this weekend: Those driving recklessly, and of course, those driving drunk.

"This is St. Patrick's Day weekend, driving around with an open beverage in your car is not going to fly," Knoxville Police officer Chas Terry said.

An open container. It gives officer Chas Terry reason enough to have this man do a sobriety test.

"What I want you to do is put your hands down to your sides," Terry said.

After walking a straight line, balancing on one foot and counting, officer Terry says the man is not impaired to the point he should not be driving, but he's learned a lesson.

"I should have known better to get in a car after I've been drinking, you know. I had a beer tonight," the driver said.

And especially this weekend, officers will look for those who decide to drink and drive.

"It'll be business as usual, so we'll be looking for those people who are driving drunk, those people who are driving recklessly and endangering other people," Terry said.

Terry reminds everyone. Those 'other people' could be your family.

"That may be your son or daughter's on the road. You don't want your son or daughter jeopardized, don't put anyone else's family member in harm's way," Terry said.

Officer Terry says it all comes down to personal responsibility.

"had he consumed a couple more of these, he'd be on his way to jail," Terry said.

And that's a very good reminder. All it takes is a few drinks to put you over the limit, and you could end up in jail. Not to mention, you could not only put yourself, but others in danger on those roads.

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