Spring Break No Break for Parents

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Knoxville (WVLT) - It's the second day of spring break for many East Tennessee school children.

But if you can't take time off work, it often takes the fun out of the break for parents.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford joins us with how some parents are dealing with a lack of daycare and children with nothing to do.

It can be really tough, especially for little ones who need someone to watch after them.

That's why this week many groups in Knoxville are holding special spring break camps, so mom and dad can work and the kids can still play.

"It's totally different," says mom Jean Roseblum with a laugh.

"A little bit of stress cause it's just kind of not the usual, our usual habit," says mother of two Elizabeth Presley.

Many parents are trying to figure out what to do with their kids on spring break this week.

"They're home all day. They go, 'I'm bored. I don't have anything to do," says Roseblum.

Many aren't able to get off work, Teresa McNeely is watching her granddaughter all week for her son. "It's very tough because she's in school, she's in first grade and when school's out, they have to make other arrangements for child care."

"It can be very stressful for parents because normally their children are in school and they don't have to worry about it till a certain time," says Lisa Counts, child care program director.

Parents can rest assured at work this week if their kids are at Bearden's United Methodist Church daycare program.

"Since we have them all day, we have some special projects in the morning and also have field trips. We have three field trips planned, and just things to keep them busy so they don't get bored," Counts says.

From running off some energy in the gym to fishing for tadpoles in the pond, "It's just sort of an alternative to what kids might do if they were staying at home," says Todd Witcher, school and youth programs director.

Ijams is holding a Spring Break Nature Camp for children this week.

"We go on hikes, obviously, dip in the pond and catch tadpoles, just about anything you can imagine people would do in a camp," Todd says.

Something parents can't do with their children when they're stuck in the office. "Parents don't get a spring break."

Bearden United Methodist is booked this week, but Ijams Spring Break Camp has some openings Thursday and Friday.

Call (865) 577-4717 if you'd like to sign your child up for Ijam's Spring Break Camp.

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