Pet Food Recall Hits Close To Home

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Blount County (WVLT) Two more East Tennesseans have had to bury their pets after a massive recall is issued for certain brands of dog and cat food.

Each they say, possibly ate the tainted food.

And Menu Foods now says one in six animals died in tests performed on the food as part of the recall.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb talked to two separate people nearly thirty miles apart about their ordeal.

Neither party is able to confirm eating the food is what killed their pets.

But both cats died from kidney failure.

They both ate the recalled food brand.

And a Blount County vet says one died at the tender age of two, which he says is very uncommon.

Shirley Drinnen didn't know why her cat, Nipper, got so sick nearly two weeks ago but took the nine year old to the vet to find out.

"They did blood work and they said his kidney function was just out of the roof."

Instead of getting medicine, Nipper was euthanized due to the kidney failure.

Drinnen didn't have any possible answers why until her husband saw the recall on television.

Drinnen says, "down at the bottom the scrolling that menu foods was recalling cat and dog food the moist packs and he knew that is what I fed him."

The recall has kept many vet clinics busy but forty miles away, Dr. West says he had a similar case last week.

"It would be fairly uncommon for a two year old cat to die of acute kidney failure."

So he asked the owner to do some checking.

"She had the pouches of food that she had fed the cat and they are on the recall."

Dr. West urges people to pay attention to the warning signs.

"The animal will have less energy. The normal activity slows down, appetite slows down."

But for Shirley Drinnen, it's too late.

"Lawsuits don't bring your cat back. You know, it just seems like there would be something more that they could do."

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