Knox Schools to Offer Bonuses for New Teachers

Knoxville (WVLT) - Knox County Schools are on track to hire about 300 teachers for next school year.

A number they say is pretty consistent to years past.

However there is one thing they're hoping to do to make applying more appealing.

They would like to offer tuition reimbursement and even signing bonuses of up to $3,000 for hard to staff subjects like science, however these perks are far from reality.

The request must be negotiated with the teachers association and then have board of education approval, which means even if approved, it could be another year before offered.

Exciting news for senior education students like Adam Chan who have a year of student teaching before they could apply to teach.

"It's great to know that as soon as I'm out of college I'll hopefully be able to get a job right away," he says.

Knox County Schools has a recruitment fair coming up next weekend.

For more information on that and where you can go to apply for a teaching job in Knox County, check out

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