KUB Warning: Ask For ID From Workers

Knoxville (WVLT) - The warm weather means scam artists are starting to go door to door trying to take advantage of you.

And a recent incident has KUB sending out a strong warning to it's customers.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel joins us with some information to help you tell the difference between a real KUB worker and a scam artist.

Usually when a KUB employee comes to your home to read your meter, you will be able to identify them by the badge they're wearing and the truck they're driving.

They usually will only need to do work outside the home and won't need access inside your home.

A recent scam identified by KUB and KPD is targeting customers.

Authorities say the conman, a KUB impersonator, will distract the customer on a part of the property, saying they need to do work on a water or sewer line.

Meanwhile, another person will enter the victim's home and take items or money.

KUB spokespeople say the best way to tell if the person is a legitimate KUB employee is to ask for identification, look at their vehicle and to see if it has the KUB logo on it, and that it has government issued plates.

Also, there are very rare circumstances that a KUB contractor will need to enter your home.

"Normally, if a KUB employee needs to go inside someone's home, it's because the customer has called KUB with a problem, that their water heater's not working or that they're having a problem with a service or something like that and they've requested someone to come out and address the problem," says Jennifer Fern from KUB.

Also, you don't need to worry about anyone stealing any personal information from your meter, it will only tell someone how much water and electricity you've used.

This is the time of year where scam artists start to come out of the woodwork and go door to door trying to take advantage of you. The first step to stoppnig them is knowledge how to outsmart them. Find out how, coming up at 11:00.

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