Lieutenant Governor Latest to Join Fred Thompson Supporters

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Knoxville (WVLT/AP) - Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey joins an increasing number of prominent Tennessee Republicans coming forward in support of a Fred Thompson presidential campaign.

"I can think of no better American to become our President than Fred Thompson," Ramsey said in a news release Wednesday. "He is a thoughtful, articulate conservative who has the skills required to bring our country together in difficult times."

The 64-year-old former Tennessee Senator is considering running for the Republican Presidential nomination next year.

He has been urged to run by former Senate Majority Leaders Howard Baker and Bill Frist, as well as by other Tennessee Republicans in Congress.

The grassroots effort does seem to be gaining ground amongst the voters. In a recent, non-scientific, poll, visitors were asked who they believed would do the best job as President.

The Former Senator from Tennessee led the group of possible candidates with 42.5% of the votes, followed by Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) with 11.5%; Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) with 7.1%; Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) with 7.0% and former Vice President Al Gore (D-TN) with 6.7%.

The Associated Press contributed to portions of this story.

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