Mechanicsville House Fire

Knoxville (WVLT) - A Mechanicsville couple who lost all their belongings Thursday afternoon in a house fire are receiving shelter from the American Red Cross.

Janice Heaton was home alone about 4:30 when the fire started in a trash pile on her Mingle Street back porch. Heaton said she saw a small fire, but was unable to put out the flames because there's no water to her rented house.

The fire grew, and children playing across the street at the Westview Elementary School saw the flames. They ran to the burning house and got the resident out safely.

"They were over here playing, and my son seen the fire, and he went to let the lady know that the house was on fire, and... I don't know, cries," witness Alisa Neely said.

Fire fighters acted quickly to save homes on both sides of the burning house. One of those homes suffered heat damage. Fire investigators are trying to determine if the fire was intentionally set.

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