KUB Issues Urgent Warning

(WVLT) - A warning for KUB customers: Watch out for scam artists posing as KUB employees.

Trust your gut... ask tough questions... do whatever you need to to protect yourself, your family and your property.

"One person may go to the house and tell them they are working on a water line or a sewer line or something like that, get them distracted on a different area of their home or out on their property somewhere and while they've got the person distracted, someone else is going into their home," KUB Spokesperson Jennifer Fern says.

Its happening right here in Knoxville, and it's prompting KUB to send out a strong warning to customers.

"There are folks out there that pretend to be utility workers who house that to gain access to customer's homes," Fern says.

Any KUB employee or contractor that approaches you will have a photo ID.

"Anytime you are in question, if your concerned this person may not work for KUB call us at 524-2911," Fern continues.

Another thing to look for is the vehicle. KUB employees drive KUB-marked vehicles... and make sure you check the license plate... all KUB trucks have government issued tags.

You don't have to worry about a con-artist getting personal information from your meter. They can only see how much water or electricity you've used.

Anytime the company is doing any scheduled construction, they will send you a notice in the mail or with your bill. And, remember, KUB usually won't need access to the inside of your home unless you call them.

"If their water heater's not working, if they're having a problem with a service or something like that, and they've requested someone to come out and address the problem," Fern says.

The number you call if you want to verify that a KUB employee has been sent to your home...524-2911.