Event to Discuss Case for a Creator

Knoxville (WVLT) - Some of you may have never heard his name, while others of you may have read some of his best selling books.

Lee Strobel, a once atheist, later turned Christian, is in Knoxville to raise money for a local charity and speak about how and why he came to believe in what he does.

Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud spoke with him about his journey and why he believes everyone of faith, or even no faith, should come out and take something from his message.

Lee Strobel is making several stops in Knoxville for the next few days, hoping to give people an educated choice about our world having a supernatural creator.

"The decision is theirs. I just want everyone to make an informed decision. What are the facts, so they can react on facts and not ideas they have heard about," Strobel spent most his life as a legal writer for the Chicago Tribune and an absolute non-believer in Christ.

He married agnostic, but marriage ending up changing his life in more ways than one when his atheist wife became a Christian.

In response Strobel took on the biggest investigative project of his journalism career, proving her wrong.

Instead he did the exact opposite. "I came to the conclusion the evidence of science, evidence of history, that really point powerfully and persuasively to the truth of the claims of Jesus."

Now his journalism career focuses on writing and speaking about why he believes something he never thought he could.

"The scientific evidence today more than any other time in history points convincingly to a supernatural creator," Strobel says.

He's in Knoxville not only to raise a healthy debate, but also to raise money for Feed Your Faith Ministries, an organization that takes the money from these type events and gives it all to local ministries.

"It will be a good donation and a good evening for everybody," says Mike Williams, from Feed Your Faith.

While Compassion Coalition will reap the financial awards, Strobel says all those in attendance will be blessed with a new way of thinking.

Tickets for Thursday night's event are $20 and available when you arrive at Grace Baptist, which is on Oak Ridge Highway.

The event starts at 6:30, doors open at 6:00.

Also be sure to tune in to East Tennessee This Morning Friday, beginning at 5:30 a.m., we're going to have guests live in the studio talking about a different event Strobel is presenting on Saturday, called Darwin Verses Design.

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