Community Helps Out Elderly Couple

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Sevierville (WVLT) -- Recently, we told you of an elderly couple left with nothing after their daughter abandoned them in Gatlinburg.

This afternoon Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford visited Sevierville to follow up with the family. What she found is that they now have a place to call their own, all thanks to the good neighbors and perfect strangers who answered their call for help.

Robert and Nancy Tritsch were in awe over their new Brookeridge apartment.

"Beautiful place, beautiful place," Mr. Tritsch said, "I didn't think they'd do all this, really nice."

Tritsch's wife was at a loss for words.

"Oh, I... it's really nice," she said.

It is a big change after living in Pigeon Forge motels for about a month.

"When they were left in Gatlinburg, they had the clothes on their back," said Lisa Yarber who works at the Sevier County Senior Center, "no food, no money, no I.D., nothing."

But the Tritsch's never lost sight of their dream to retire in Gatlinburg, and the reasons are obvious.

"Beautiful country around here," said Mr. Tritsch, "and the people are really nice."

When the community found out what happened to Robert and Nancy, that's when the volunteer spirit kicked in.

"We weren't sure how we were going to be able to do this," Yarber said, "and the community just opened their arms and embraced them and helped us in every step of the way."

Everything in their new apartment from a bird feeder to sofa and even a dinette set was donated or purchased by caring members of the community. There was still one thing missing however.

"When they came to Gatlinburg, one of the last things they remember is, as they pulled away, is somebody from the SPCA taking their animal."

So the Sevier County Senior Center decided their was another small contribution they could make to the Tritsch's, a small dog by the name of P.J. whom is bound find his own home with the elderly couple. By the they had the pup on a leash.

"Good little guy," Mr. Tritsch said. "We'll walk him about four times a day."

"Oh, he's cute! He's cute!," said Tritsch's smiling wife. "Had my little one and now I've got the little one."

For the couple whose daughter stole their possessions and abandoned them on the streets of Gatlinburg, things are looking up. They won't soon forget what the community has done for them.

"This is where I'm going to stay, Mr. Tritsch said, "right here."

At this point all the Tritsch's lack is a washer and dryer. If you're interested in helping the couple out with that, call the Sevier County Senior Center at 865-453-8080.

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