Teacher Dismissed for Relationship With Student

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Morristown, Hamblen County (WVLT) - A Morristown-East teacher is out of a job, after allegations of a sexual relationship with a student.

In the spring of 2005, the Morristown Police Department says they began an investigation into allegations Michael Crosby was having a sexual relationship with a then sophomore student.

On February 8th of this year, the parents of the victim filed a citizen's complaint.

Crosby was suspended without pay on February 14-th, and as of Monday is out of a job.

"It was my decision to bring dismissal charges before the board of education which on Monday night they upheld," says Dr. Dale Lynch, Director of Hamblen County Schools.

Thirty-seven-year-old Michael Crosby is out of a job at Morristown East High School.

Dismissed for insubordinate and unprofessional conduct on Monday.

The move comes as Morristown Police continue a two year investigation into allegations Crosby has had a sexual relationship with a student since she was a sophomore.

She's now a senior.

"There were also email messages that I had received and based on the content of those email messages I also shared that with the board of education as far as unprofessional conduct," says Dr. Lynch.

We checked Crosby's personnel file. It says the girl also worked for Crosby at a business in his home.

"He owned a computer gaming store here in town and the victim worked with him at the store at one time," says Morristown Police Lieutenant Michelle Jones.

A Morristown Police report says the teen had been going to Crosby's house without permission.

"The parents were adamant that they did not want this relationship to continue," Dr. Lynch says Crosby was given the opportunity to respond to the allegations. "Through many different discussions I had with him there was denial but there was also I think in talking with students and also talking with teachers as well too there was proof."

We tried to talk to Crosby, he didn't answer his door, but he found a business card for his attorney, who also wasn't available.

We want to stress that Crosby has not been charged with any criminal offenses, but Morristown's investigation is still open.

And we can't find any record that he has any criminal past.

Crosby has 30 days from his dismissal to request a hearing before the board of education.

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