Neighbor Speaks About Murder In His Quiet Neighborhood

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Police say what started as an argument, has taken one man's life, and put another in the hospital. All in a neighborhood consider quiet.

Knoxville Police say Don Wes Hayes and 40-year old Stephen Kirk were arguing in their neighborhood on Belle Terra Road around Eleven o'clock Friday night.

Police say both men pulled out guns and fired at each other. Hayes shot at Kirk multiple times, and Hayes was also hit at least twice.

When authorities arrived on scene both were taken to UT Medical Center where Kirk was later pronounced dead.

Neighbors like Robert Majure say the last thing they'd expect here on Belle Terra road is a shooting, not to mention, a murder.

"Very quiet," Majure said while describing the neighborhood. "You don't see your neighbors very often. Everybody just keeps to themselves."

A quiet neighborhood that was shaken in the middle of the night by the sound of gunshots and sirens.

"I have to get up early in the morning, so when I left, it was about three o'clock, I noticed the fire truck and a lot of police out here."

Knoxville Police are still trying to figure out what made Don Wes Hayes and Stephen Kirk shoot at each other, in front of an apartment complex that neither lived in.

"I feel for the individuals that are affected, but you see things all the time."

Majure says while he's surprised the shooting took place almost next door to him, he still feels safe and proud of his West Knoxville community.

"For me it doesn't change anything, it's still a quiet area, like I said anything can happen. You can live in a small area like this, quiet, and have something happen."

Police are still interviewing multiple witnesses, trying to determine the men's relationship, and the cause of the shooting.

No charges have been filed yet but we we will keep you updated through and on Volunteer TV News as the investigation moves forward.

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