Attorneys Share 911 Tapes From Alleged Love Triangle Murder

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Knoxville (WVLT) - A $150,000 bond has been set for the man accused of killing a former west high school student earlier this month.

Jason Eric McLean will go before a grand jury facing first degree murder charges for the death of 18-year-old Sean Powell.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford spent the day at McLean's preliminary hearing.

For the first time Tuesday, we heard the two 911 calls made the night of Sean Powell's murder, one from Jason McLean and the other from his wife, Erin.

Dispatcher: "Knox County 911?"

Jason: "Hello. I have an intruder in my house."

Jason McLean calmly told the dispatcher someone was in his house the evening of March 10th.

Dispatcher: "What do you mean by an intruder?"

Jason: "Uh..."

Dispatcher: "I mean, you're having a casual conversation and an intruder would mean someone has broken in. What does it mean to you?"

Jason: "Trespassing."

Jason tells the dispatcher Sean Powell just walked in his front door.

Dispatcher: "Do you know this person?"

Jason: "Yes."

Dispatcher: "Okay, who is it?"

Jason: Some guy stalking my wife. He's been sleeping outside our house for the past couple days."

KPD Investigator Andrew Boatman testifies McLean told him he knew his wife was having an affair with her former West High School student. "He asked Sean not to come into his house. He said that Sean came anyway."

But then Jason cancelled the call.

Jason: "Now he's leaving."

Dispatcher: "Okay, do you want to speak to an officer?"

Jason: "Oh, no. He's leaving now."

Some time later, Jason's wife, Erin, makes another call to 911.

Erin: "My husband just killed someone!"

Dispatcher: "Is he there with you right now?"

Erin: No, the body's here."

A panicked cry for help.

Erin: "Oh My God! Oh My God!"

Dispatcher: How did he do it?"

Erin: "He shot him with a shot gun. Please come. Hurry! Hurry!"

As crews respond, the dispatcher asks Erin about the shooting victim.

Dispatcher: "How do you know Sean?"

Erin: "He used to be one of my students. Will you please come save him?"

Dispatcher: "Ma'am, they're already on the way. What school did he go to?"

Erin has difficulty answering the question.

Erin: "I...I can't talk about this anymore! Just please come help!"

McLean's attorney, Bruce Poston tells WVLT, what's crucial to this case is what you did not hear and that's what happened between the two 911 calls.

Poston also says he's not sure if his client will be able to make bond, but if he does, McLean is not a flight risk, and with no prior record or arrest, is not a danger to anyone.

We'll now have to wait and see when a trial date will be set.

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