TDOT Seeks Public Input on James White Parkway Extension

Knoxville (WVLT) - The Tennessee Department of Transportation is looking for your input on changes to James White Parkway.

Officials tell us they're in the first steps of creating the James White Parkway extension. Tuesday night, TDOT officials met with the public to talk about the extension's environmental impact and why the road is needed.

A TDOT spokesman admits traffic in South Knoxville on Chapman Highway is heavy, and there's not much room to widen the road.

"This way, we'll be able to eliminate or alleviate some of that traffic on Chapman Highway, move them over onto the proposed route here, go across the South Knoxville Bridge and onto I-40 and try to disperse the traffic that way," spokesman Travis Brickey said.

Officials tell us construction is still a ways away, and they want to hear comments from the public before they break ground.

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