Gun Ownership During Disasters

Knoxville (WVLT) - A move is underway in Nashville where lawmakers may do away with the power to confiscate legal firearms and ammunition. Governor Phil Bredesen is now supporting that effort to keep guns in their owners hands.

Gun owners at Turkey Creek's outdoor sports store "Gander Mountain" say the existing Tennessee law infringes on their rights.

"I think to keep your own gun, protect your property and that's your right," Chip Cox says. "The gun is registered to you, you've met all the criteria for gun ownership."

Firearms specialist Chip Cox says state officials should not stop the sale or transport of guns during a Hurricane Katrina-like disaster.

A similar Louisiana law allowed officials to regulate possession of firearms during declared emergencies. Louisiana changed its law after gun owner groups spoke out.

"It's to protect your property because police departments, sheriff's departments are spread thin, and you have the right to protect your property as guaranteed in the Second Amendment," Cox says.

Gun owners are supported by the National Rifle Association, which opposes what they call "Taking firearms from law-abiding people who are trying to defend themselves."

Gun owners say states throughout the nation ought to do away with laws that permit confiscating firearms and ammunition during emergencies.

"The law-abiding citizens, they need to have their rights protected and these are the ones you're going to count on in the times of crisis," Cox says.

The new legislation to do away with those restrictions goes before the full senate Wednesday in Nashville. House members will also take up a similar measure in sub-committee.

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