Group Brings Modified Tricycle to Special Needs Class

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Wednesday we introduced you to a little girl named Kiley who isn't physically able to ride a tricycle.

But, a local organization made it possible for her to get her very own special set of wheels.

Thursday the Knoxville Marine Corp League did it again!

The veterans' organization made a trip to John Sevier Elementary School where they gave away their 4th and final trike!

The students in Ann Edmond's special education class will be able to enjoy the trike for years to come.

"I saw that with Faith this morning. She was very happy, just elated to be on that trike. She wanted off and then when her mom took her off she immediately wanted back on, so she is very happy," Edmonds says.

If you are interested in ordering a trike for someone you know, or if your company wants to buy some to hand out you can email Carl at:

The cost of the trike is $176.00 plus shipping.

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