FDA Testing Reveals Chemical In Recalled Pet Food

Washington (AP) -- Federal health officials say tests on recalled pet foods show a chemical used to make plastics, but they have been unable to confirm the presence of a rat poison.

The food and drug administration says the chemical melamine is sometimes used as a fertilizer. It was found in the pet food and in wheat gluten used as an ingredient.

The FDA is trying to determine whether the contaminated wheat gluten was used in any dry food and whether it could have made it into human food. Melamine is not known to pose any risk to people.

New York Agriculture officials are sticking by their finding that a rat poison and cancer drug called aminopterin was in the food. New York Agriculture Chief Patrick Hooker says neither should be found in pet food.

Menu Foods recalled millions of containers of pet food earlier this month after reports of kidney failure in cats and dogs, and at least 16 pet deaths. There are anecdotal reports of hundreds or perhaps thousands of deaths.

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