Sheriff Identifies Pilot Killed in Claiborne Plane Crash

Tazewell, Claiborne County (WVLT) - The Claiborne County Sheriff's Office has identified the pilot who died in a plane crash south of Tazewell Monday as 58-year-old Larry Sanders of Wapakaneta, Ohio.

The Sheriff says Sanders took off from Ohio in a single engine Piper Archer.

He was en route to Pigeon Forge to pick up his wife.

The FAA just cleared the scene of the crash, a wooded area in the community of Goins.

The sheriff says the plane was running when it impacted the ground.

Authorities describe what one witness says he saw, moments before the crash.

"He saw the plane come down out of the clouds, it was sputtering a little bit, like it was in trouble, and as he watched, it didn't climb high enough to make it over this ridge area here," says David Breeding, from the Department of Homeland Security.

Another witness tells WVLT it appeared the pilot was trying to make it to a nearby field to make a possible emergency landing.

The plane crashed just a few yards from that field.

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