How to Prepare For a Summer Job

(WVLT) - Students who will soon be on summer vacation are joining the job hunt. Volunteer TV has some information that can help high school or even college students earn some extra money over their seasonal break from school.

Career experts say summer jobs in the service industry are plentiful, but may not help students advance their careers. Still, the money helps meet expenses, and the experience may enhance a resume.

"We just get the basic job application, and we just talk to people, feel them out, see how high-energy they are, and where they've worked before," Steve Batts says.

Cici's Pizza in Fountain City begins hiring summer help in the spring.

"You've got to start early so you can get them trained up and looking good and everything," Batts says.

Likewise, most college-level internships are filled in February at job fairs, but for optimistic job-hunting students, UT's Career Services recommends job seekers get resumes up-to-date, send them out, and keep records of where you've applied.

Respond to job postings, and send inquiries to businesses that interest you. Also, network--talk to friends, family, and former employers.

"I think if you're going to want money, and going to get things, I think you need to earn it yourself and not rely on your parents for everything," Matthew Brummitt says.

Fulton High School sophomore Matthew Brummitt works for himself...he started his own lawn mowing business last year, and will add his ninth client this summer.

Meantime, CiCi's Pizza tries to retain it's best summer break employees from year-to-year.

"Well, we just like high-energy people, I mean you hire on attitude, and then you train for skill," Batts says.

Career experts say students should keep a resume with them at all times. You never know when an opportunity may come up.

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