Fans Talk About the Lady Vols Game

(WVLT) - Fans all over Tennessee crowded around their televisions on Tuesday to watch the Lady Vols play Rutgers.

Lady Vol fans crowd around specially set up television screens to cheer their team to a possible seventh national championship. It's customary for these fans to get together for the big game, but this party's held at an unusual place. It's a Knoxville Ice Bears' Hockey playoff game.

"I just can't miss it. Everyone wants to see what happens there, and being a hockey fan, I don't want to miss the hockey game, so it's the best of both worlds," Jeff Dudych says.

"We wish them luck, we hope they do good," Jordan Swindell says.

These sports fans had a tough decision - stay home and watch the national basketball championship or try to catch both games at once.

"We're rooting for them, just as much as we're rooting for us," Mike Murray says.

"They wish the hockey was on a different night, but that's the way it falls. Just try to make due," Chad Thompson says.

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