Injuries, Homes Damaged, Flooding After Thunderstorms

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New Tazewell, Claiborne (WVLT) - Several trailers in a Claiborne County trailer park were knocked off their foundation and destroyed Tuesday night.

Unlivable is what emergency management are calling 7 or 8 trailers that are totally destroyed from what residents say was a tornado that hit between 10 and 11 Tuesday night.

At least 4 trailers were ripped off their foundation and completely flipped over.

Roofs, campers, cars, and even a tanker truck were turned over. Eyewitnesses say they heard what sounded like a train. And then when there were flashes, they say they could see the winds spinning.

At least 7 people were taken to the hospital, one was transported to UT.

There's a path you can see. Some trailers were damaged or destroyed. 55 people stayed at Red Cross shelters overnight.

Strong winds in Cumberland County destroyed at least three homes in the South Crossville area.

Thankfully, authorities tell WVLT no one in that area was injured during Tuesday night's storms.

In Pulaski County, Kentucky, part of the copper roof at First National Bank is now in the parking lot.

The storm also made for dangerous driving conditions in Somerset. With lights out, several intersections were dark, especially in the busiest part of town.

Some good news though, no serious injuries are being reported.

In Louisville, Kentucky, hail and high winds caused severe damage.

There are no reports of injuries. However, downed power lines and trees continue to keep clean-up crews busy.

In Jonesboro, Arkansas a tornado touched down just east of the city, damaging buildings and cars. Hail an inch thick was spotted in downtown Little Rock.

And in Plano, Texas, marble size hail pelted the area for several minutes before moving on.

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