Proposal Would Add 5 Offices To Statewide Elections

Nashville (AP) -- Tennessee would have five more positions subject to statewide elections under a proposed constitutional amendment advanced by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The measure sponsored by Senator Rosalind Kurita of Clarksville would call for the statewide election of the Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary Of State and Comptroller.

The Governor is currently the only state officeholder elected in a statewide vote.

Proposals to amend the Constitution must pass in consecutive two-year General Assemblies before going before the voters in a gubernatorial election year.

Currently, the Speaker of the Senate serves as the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General is appointed by the Supreme Court, and a joint session of the House and Senate elects the other three constitutional officers.

Attorney General Bob Cooper told the committee Tuesday he opposes the measure because it would politicize his office.

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