Three months and still no arrest in Hercutt murder case

Shannon Hercutt
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SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Three months ago Tuesday, Shannon Hercutt's body was found in her SUV at the bottom of an embankment in Sevier County.

What was once thought to be an accident, turned to a homicide investigation and tonight her killer, or killers are still free.

Is there any hope this case will be solved?

There have been a lot of accusations about how the investigation was handled from the beginning.

As physical evidence comes back from the state lab, both Hercutt's family and the Sheriff are still optimistic.

But they both say they want your help.

"I still cry a lot, go to bed thinking about it, waking up about it in the morning," says Ted Hurcutt, Shannon's father.

it's been three months since business owner Shannon Hercutt was murdered but for her father it feels like it happened yesterday and continues to do what he can to find out who killed his daughter.

"I'll get on the phone and we'll go search where somebody said something and try to search it out," says Hercutt.

Hercutt was found dead in her car August 3rd on Walker Trail in Pigeon Forge. At first, it appeared to be a tragic car accident.

But after her father demanded an autopsy the case was changed to a homicide, time he feels was wasted in finding her killer.

"Bad day or something was very bad wrong with what took place the day Shannon was killed," says Hercutt.

"We want to solve this case. We would like to have already have it solved," says Sevier County Sheriff Ron Seals.

The TBI and the Sevier County Sheriff's Department are continuing their investigation.

"We want to take our time and do the proper investigation, make sure if we arrest somebody that the right person is arrested," says Seals.

Hercutt says the TBI is staying in touch with him on the case giving him some hope the physical evidence tests are making a connection.

"A lot of stuff has come in but they would not comment on anything on it," says Hercutt.

While both the sheriff and Hercutt feel the case can be solved, Hercutt feels someone out there knows something.

"Please, anybody that knows anything, please give us a call," says Hercutt.

If you have any information about Shannon Hercutt murder you can contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND or 800-825-3463.

Or the Sevier County Sheriff's Department at 865-453-4668.

Sheriff Seals says they act on all tips that come into the department.

He says each one is important because it might just be the one that leads the investigation to where it needs to go to solve it.

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