Two Meth Labs Found at West Knoxville Apartment Complex

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Knoxville (WVLT) - One apartment in the Windover Apartment complex in West Knoxville is sealed off with crime tape, and two men are facing meth charges, after authorities uncovered not one, but two meth labs there Thursday.

"Very volatile dangerous situation," Martha Dooley with the Knox County Sheriff's Department says.

A quiet community, where children normally play...

Police serving a warrant at Windover Apartments on Cheshire Drive in West Knoxville discovered a meth lab inside unit 185.

"The apartment has been quarantined right now," Dooley continues.

And as authorities step outside...a drug dog alerts its trainer there may be a second lab...this one in a car in the parking lot.

"Normally they are in rural a way, this is not what we're use to," Dooley says.

Authorities linked both labs to two men, one of which lives here at the apartment.

Twenty-five-year-old Donald Bruce, and his friend 22-year-old James Alan Jones of LaFollette, both in custody facing meth related charges.

The good news...residents did not have to evacuate.

"Because of the duct work, it only affected this apartment," Dooley says.

Inside that apartment, authorities also find a recipe for making meth, printed right from a computer.

"We have found the instructions, and it definitely has an internet address to it," Dooley continues.

"You'd never expect to have a meth lab right next door," Windover Resident Spencer Turner says.

It's a discovery neighbors can't believe...a working meth lab right in the middle of their crowded neighborhood.

"It could be a neighbor that could blow up your house," Turner says.

And right next door...

"The people that lived there looked just like everyone else...looked like nice people," Windover Resident Justin Nash says.

Donald Bruce is also charged with animal cruelty, because a dog was found in the apartment. Sheriff Spokesperson Martha Dooley says more charges could follow for both men.

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