Marina Damaged in Storm

Anderson County (WVLT) - Part of an Anderson County marina still lies in shambles from severe weather earlier this week.

Tuesday night's storms flipped boats and an entire section of boat slips at the Lighthouse Marina on Norris Dam. The high winds also damaged the concrete catwalk. Owner Steven Pemberton estimates the damage nearly $500,000.

He says he's thankful the storms left at least most of the marina untouched.

"I thought it was quite amazing. The power of whatever came through here was just amazing. How it could have moved the dock the way it did and yet part of the dock you didn't even think anything came through that there was anything wrong at all. It was just real specific where it hit and what it did," Pemberton said.

Pemberton hopes to start fixing the damage next week. He says it could be six months before the marina is back to normal.

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