Man Charged With Stealing $3.6M, Spending On Jewelry TV

New York (AP) -- A former New York City social worker has been arrested on charges of stealing more than $3.6 million from the city comptroller's office and making purchases from Knoxville retailer Jewelry Television.

Prosecutors say 49-year-old Tracy Ball stole the money from a bank account used by the Comptroller's Office to pay workers' compensation claims. Investigators are trying to figure out how he accessed the account.

Prosecutors said that in the past year, Ball made 604 electronic transfers from the account to Knoxville retailer Jewelry Television, which sells jewelry and gemstones on the internet and via cable and satellite TV.

Ball was arrested after Jewelry Television became suspicious about his bulk orders, such as 20 of a type of diamond bracelet. The retailer alerted the bank, which contacted the Comptroller's Office.

More than 100 pieces of jewelry have been recovered.

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