Witness Lists Released In Winkler Trial

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Selmer, McNairy County (WVLT) - Jury selection continues for a second day for a West Tennessee woman charged with the shotgun slaying of her minister husband.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb is the only Knoxville television reporter in Selmer covering the murder trial of former Knoxville resident Mary Winkler.

The witness list of both the prosecution and the defense is out. And some see a few surprises called by Mary Winkler's attorneys.

As a fifth panel of 7 people is now being questioned for possible jury service for the trial, prosecutors are calling 13 people while the defense just over 40. On the defense list, it includes 10 law enforcement officers including the county sheriff.

"That doesn't mean there wont be other witnesses and it doesn't mean all these people will testify but they are on notice but they may be called to testify," says Sue Allison from the Administrative Office of Courts.

One defense attorney hopes a jury will be selected by days end.

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