Knox School Board Announces Rezoning Proposal

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Knoxville (WVLT) - If you're a parent of a Knox County school student, check your mail box. 11,000 students will be getting letters from the school district about a rezoning plan that could change their lives.

Interim School Superintendent Roy Mullins tells WVLT eleven of twelve Knox County high schools will be affected.

Only South-Doyle won't see any zoning changes.

The changes are set to take place in 2008 and 3,400 students would be affected immediately at that point. That's about 20 percent of Knox County students.

Public forums will be held at the April 30th school board work session and the May 2nd school board meeting, both held at 5 pm in the Large Assembly Room of the City County Building.

The board could vote as early as May 2nd on the proposal.

Review the Rezoning Proposal

Thousands of Knox County students will be keeping an eye on the mailbox this week, awaiting word on whether or not they'll be attending a different high school.

When talk of the new Hardin Valley High School began a few years back, most students with plans of attending, say Powell High School, had no idea that this new school, along with a possible comprehensive rezoning for all of Knox County would affect them, but it just might.

School officials say students out west will be impacted most at Farragut and Karns high schools, and potentially Bearden.

But as a way to get all high schools back in balance, more than just students in the western part of Knox County may be changing schools.

The talk of getting a new mascot, or seeing a best friend go to your arch-rival high school, stirs the emotions.

"I think it'd probably be hard, because you would have to get to know a lot of new people. Even if some of your friends are moving with you," says Powell High student Ashley Bush.

Adults know all too well that growing pains can sometimes be painful.

"I think the kids are really going to be upset. I can't imagine being going to school and then having to go somewhere else," says Fountain City resident Anna Dayspring.

One Powell resident we talked with is thinking of expansion, rather than rezoning.

"I know tax dollars are being stretched, but we need to expand our community schools here. We need more buildings, if we have to do it in outhousings, that's O.K." says Ballard Hash.

And with some parents, it's a non-issue.

"Well I'm glad both my kids are in college now, so that they don't have to deal with an issue like this," says Bearden resident Bob Tessier.

School officials say students at South Doyle High School will not be affected.

And that about 3,400 current seventh through tenth graders will be impacted, initially.

There will be a lot of people talking about this letter over the supper table over the next couple nights.

Interim Superintendent Roy Mullins will present the proposal to the Knox County School Board April 18th. The board will have a work session April 30th. The vote on the rezoning will be May second.

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