Police: "Chaotic" Shooting Scene

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Knoxville Police are still searching for the shooter in an Old City argument that ended in gunfire.

Investigators say witnesses told them a fight began inside the Red Iguana about 2:30 Wednesday morning.

Bouncers forced the crowd outside the club, and 25-year-old Murrill Flack was shot in the leg. Flack was treated and released for his injuries.

Volunteer TV's Gary Loe reports how this latest shooting may affect business in the Old City.

Those who live or work in the Old City say life is back to normal here in the heart of Knoxville after gunfire ended another argument at the Red Iguana. Wednesday morning's shooting is the second handgun incident at the nightclub in the past 6 months. Police say a gun discharged back in October inside the Central Street bar.

The owner of the Old City Java Coffee House says she doesn't think the shootings should reflect on other downtown businesses. Renee Sanabria says quote: "No other business in the Old City has anything to do with that vibe. It really doesn't affect us"

Meantime, the owner of romanceher.com located across the street from the Red Iguana says this latest shooting shouldn't affect the safety of those visiting the area.

"Most people who already come down here know that it's a safe area. I mean, it's probably something between individuals and doesn't happen just to random people who come down to have a good time," romanceher.com owner Tice Tansil said.

Tice Tansil says the gun play may further damage the Old City's image, but it won't hurt business.

"It just reinforces what people already tend to believe, whether you come down here and go to the nightclubs and bars and restaurants and shopping, and you know that it's safe in the Old City, or you kind of stay away and think, oh it's a dangerous part, then you're going to think more of what you already believed," Tansil said.

Business owners we talked with say the Red Iguana has occasional problems, but overall handles them well.

The Red Iguana management did not return our calls Wednesday night regarding this story.

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