Jury Selected in Winkler Trial

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Jury Selected In Preacher's Wife Trial

Selmer, McNairy County (AP) -- A jury has been selected and opening statements are expected Thursday in the murder trial of a preacher's wife accused of killing her husband.

Attorneys took three days to find 16 jurors from this small West Tennessee town, where many people are familiar with Mary Winkler.

All of the jurors will listen to testimony, but only 12 will deliberate at the end.

Winkler is accused of shooting her husband, Matthew, a popular 31-year-old preacher at the Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer.

Four jurors were chosen as alternates, but they won't know until the end of the trial.

The jurors will be sequestered at a local hotel away from the heavy media coverage.

Winkler's husband was found fatally wounded from a shotgun blast in the church parsonage in March 2006.

Mary Winkler was arrested one day later some 340 miles away on the Alabama coast with their three young daughters.

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