Commissioners Comment on School Rezoning Plan

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Knox County students may have gotten a letter in the mail Wednesday telling them they have to attend a different school.

Eleven thousand students are getting notices from the school district about a new rezoning plan.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford asked some county commissioners what they think about the new rezoning plan.

The majority of commissioners tell WVLT they aren't sure that rezoning so many students is really the answer here.

The biggest issue most seem to have a problem with is taking kids away from their community and friends.

Review the Rezoning Proposal

"There's going to be a lot of people upset if this goes through the way it's proposed," students out west in County Commissioner Craig Leuthold's district are expected to be hit the hardest with rezoning. "There are some people that live here in the town of Farragut that have been rezoned to Hardin Valley and they have voiced their opinion before that they wished to remain at Farragut."

But under the new plan they'd have to attend Hardin Valley high school.

"They want to stick with their friends and they're part of a community, and they want to be able to go to school with where their community is," Commissioner Leuthold says.

"Now arbitrarily, they're just being ripped away from their community and sent somewhere else," Commissioner Greg Lambert says he's disappointed with the school board's zoning plan and concerned for his Powell community. "It doesn't appear to me to be necessary. They could've zoned Hardin Valley and alleviated the crowding from Farragut and Karns."

"There are areas of concerns about travel times, about people living near one school, but having to go to another, about breaking associations with friends," Commissioner Mark Harmon says he and many others are asking the school board to support a grandfather clause. "If you start in a school, you should be allowed to finish in the school, regardless of the rezoning."

Other than passing along their constituents concerns, commissioners say they have to trust the school board will do the right thing.

"It's the school board's decision and I hope that they make the best decision," says Commissioner Leuthold.

"I think they need to go back to the drawing board and reconsider," says Commissioner Lambert.

If you have concerns about your child being re-zoned, commissioners recommend you contact the school board or your district commissioner.

Nothing is final yet, the vote on the rezoning will take place May 2nd.

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