Restaurant Manager Remains Upbeat About Cancer Battle

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Knoxville (WVLT) - When we heard about this woman, we just knew it would be someone you'd like to meet.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman caught up with a woman in West Knoxville who's battling cancer with a smile and an upbeat attitude.

In her former career, Janice Zartman worked with cancer patients. These days, she is a cancer patient.

She's a South Knoxville gal running a Quiznos, she's battling breast cancer and she's got quite a support group, even at the competition.

"Had a Quiznos cup with him and a lady ask him about it and he said 'I was at my cousin's Quiznos' and the man behind him in line goes 'how is she doing?'"

And as you can probably already tell, Janice Zartman is a very upbeat person, even more so these past six months.

"Last October, I felt a lump and went to my doctor and it had not been a year since my last mammogram," Janice says hearing that news was almost as tough as turning 50.

"I hate to say it's been a good experience, but it really has. Everybody's been so positive. Customers, people that you know, I couldn't tell you what their names are, but I know what sandwich they like," Janice says with a laugh.

Even though the blonde jokes have been put on hold for a while, there've been some awkward moments.

"He said it'd probably make you want to pull your hair out. He kind of tried to stop in mid-sentence, but there really wasn't any other way to finish it. He said I'm sorry and I said it's ok, I know I don't have any hair."

Janice says she has an 80% chance of cure and reminds you ladies to have those annual mammograms.

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