Music Industry Sues 14 at UT, Claiming Illegal File Sharing

Knoxville (AP) -- The Recording Industry Association of America is suing 14 people at the University of Tennessee, claiming they illegally traded music over the university's computer network.

In late February the RIAA sent out hundreds of warning letters to suspected offenders at the Knoxville campus and 13 other universities nationwide that it claimed had the most illegal music traffic.

The industry group told the Tennessean in Nashville it sent letters offering settlements to 28 people at UT and 14 of them accepted it.

RIAA has filed "John Doe" lawsuits against the other 14 people at UT.

It's not immediately known how many of those are students, faculty of staff.

UT student Chelsea Conn of Murfreesboro said last month that she chose to pay a settlement of $3,000 instead of taking her chances in a lawsuit over 1,000 songs the RIAA claimed she shared illegally.

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