Jurors See Videos Of Tennessee Senator Taking FBI Money

Memphis (AP) -- A Memphis jury saw videos of former State Senator John Ford pocketing stacks of cash counted out by an undercover FBI agent.

Ford is on trial on federal charges of extortion, bribery and threatening a federal witness.

Jurors saw the tapes during Thursday's testimony of FBI agent L.C. McNiel, who was identified only by his undercover name.

McNiel was one of two agents who testified that ford came looking for payoffs from the fake company set up by the FBI.

Ford contends he was a business consultant drawing what he thought were honest payments from an electronics recycling company.

Video clips of a meeting between McNiel and Ford in August 2004 were shown as the agent counting out what was described as $10,000.

Ford scooped the money off a desk and stuck it in his pockets.

Ford is charged with taking a total of $55,000 in payoffs.

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