Would-Be Knoxville Robber Nabbed After Apology

Knoxville (AP) -- Sometimes sorry isn't enough.

Police in Knoxville say 33-year-old William Jones tried to rob a market with a toy gun and a note Thursday.

Store owner Nihad Saah had a gun, too -- a real one.

Saah says he drew down on the man trying to steal his cash register receipts and the robber ran. A customer got the license number of the getaway car and Saah called 911.

Before the police got there, Jones came back -- to apologize.

Saah says Jones said he was sorry and then stood against the wall while he called police again.

An officer arrived and charged Jones with attempted aggravated robbery.

Saah says he works too hard for his money for someone to just come in and take it away from him.

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