Dogwood Arts Parade and Rain Respect Each Other

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Everything was coming up Dogwoods today in downtown Knoxville. This was especially true this morning on Gay Street where the Dogwood Arts Festival's parade took to the streets.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy was there, and as he found out from the crowd, the little rain that did fall couldn't dampen the parade's excitement.

The little rain held off, and for most of the morning the only wet pavement was near a fountain along the parade's route.

Starting at least an hour before the the event a crowd started showing

"I've heard it's a good parade," said Patricia Heil who was one of the crowd, "so I'm really looking forward to it."

But even with the floats and balloons going by, the threat of bad weather was in the back people's mind. People such as bystander Paul Melton who couldn't help but see the gray skies drifting above him.

"I thought we were going to get wet," he said.

Gradually more people came to line gray street, and at the parade's start, winter jackets were on many, but umbrellas sat folded up.

With the weather holding off the crowd enjoyed many popular parade attracts such as the Shriners. When a marching band passed by, kids danced on the curbs and many eagerly waited for their favorite parade attraction.

"We liked the balloons," said Roger Kershaw, "and the flags were the best of course"

Adian Melton counted a far more modern parade attraction as his favorite.

"I like the motorcycles," he said, "and I liked the jeeps that they were driving."

It wasn't until the tail end of the parade that a few rain drops fell from the sky, and with that the umbrellas came out.

The precipitation proved to be short-lived however, and after the parade was over many folks found themselves in Market Square, thankful that mother nature had cooperated with the annual tradition.

At its conclusion a quick glance around the parade route might bring a smile to the face of an observant parade goer. The only wet pavement was still by the fountain.

Besides the parade, other events of the the Dogwood Arts Festival will run through the rest of the weekend and into the upcoming week.