Weather Has Impact On Artisan Craft Festival

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Weekend showers put a serious damper on Knoxville's annual tradition of the Dogwood Arts Fest, and one of the events that felt the brunt of the bad weather was Festival on Market Square.

If you have never attended, the Festival brings together 60 artisans, who set up booths and sell a variety of crafts ranging from home-made jewelry to wood work.

Because crowds were keeping out of the rain by staying in doors, the booths set up in Downtown Knoxville did half as much business as they normally would expect to do.

"The traffic is down so sales are down," said Karen Yearwood who runs a small jewelry business, "but spirits are up and all the folks opened today."

Yearwood was in even better spirits as she talked about festival's hosts.

"The dogwood folks have been so good to us," She said, "they are pumped about the show and they believe in this festival."

As well as featuring crafts the Festival on Market Square also had several musical acts lined up on two stages.

In case the rain wasn't enough, food and beverage vendors were also set up in the square.

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