Tax Deadline: April 17

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- On a normal April 15th you would expect people to be panicking at 11pm. After all, at that point you would only have an hour to finish your taxes and rush them to the post office by midnight.

This year is different, leaving the tax filer with two extra days to pay Uncle Sam because of Emancipation day, a holiday celebrated only in Washington D.C. For some that still might not be enough time.

So imagine this, it's Sunday night, and you only have about 48 hours left to get your taxes in the mail. How did it get to this point? You have had a full year to prepare for this moment.

"It's just procrastination," according to Rick Donovan who is the office manager of a local H&R Block, "We are all guilty of it to some degree."

When it comes to taxes many more are guilty of it than you might expect.

"It's just something that a lot of people dread, really needlessly dread," Donovan said, "they just keep putting it off and putting it off. It's kind of like a dental appointment. Oh, I don't feel well. I have to cancel."

So now that you know you have been procrastinating you can still pull yourself out of it. You may still be able to reschedule in time for Tuesday.

Around East Tennessee plenty of individuals and businesses such as Knoxville's H&R Block are ready for the rush of procrastinators.

"We're staffed today as though the sky was falling."

Donovan says if you're scrambling to file you should be careful not to skip over some important money-savers.

Don't forget you can take deductions for college tuition. Sales taxes are also deductible in lieu of state and local income taxes

This year you can receive a Telephone Excise Tax refund which is a one-time only tax credit for up to 60-dollars.

Energy credits are also available for energy-efficient home improvements. If you have energy-efficient insulation, exterior windows, doors and furnaces you may be able to deduct their costs. .

"People are constantly changing in their approach to taxes and the IRS is changing a little bit too," Donovan said.

If you absolutely can't get your returns done by the deadline, you'll want to file an extension. Just keep in mind, that by doing so you are just extending the due date of your tax return.

Donovan gave one last tip to consider.

"There's nothing to fear from the IRS, they're good people"

If you would like more tips on your tax return you can log on to the IRS's website linked below.

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