Local Virginia Tech Student Talks About Shooting

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Blacksburg, VA (WVLT) - Shock, disbelief and sadness all words Virginia Tech students used to describe the tragic events on their campus Monday.

WVLT's Mike McCarthy spoke with several students from Knoxville.

They describe the situation Monday morning as crazy panic and confusion.

Grad student Aaron Mabry has a friend who witnessed the shooting. She says he is okay. She talked with him through text messages on her cell phone.

She could not go into details about what he saw, but sophomore Aaron Noble had class about 100 yards from Norris Hall, that is the building where the second shooting happened.

He did not hear any gunshots, but he did hear the numerous sirens arrive on campus.

He also saw students sprinting from Norris Hall with their hands in the air. He says the events are still sinking in, "At least 30 people died one hundred fifty yards away from me. And how easily it could have been me if he decides to go 2 buildings over I mean I'm probably one of the 33. And that is a real situation real eye opening."

Both students say they are shocked this happened on Virginia Tech's campus. They call it a safe campus and they plan to finish their education here at the school.

We'll have more student reaction tonight at 11:00.

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