Tennessee Increases Police Presence

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Knoxville (WVLT) – University of Tennessee police have beefed up patrols for two reasons, one a bomb threat called into the university Monday and two, of course, they want all students to feel protected by an increased presence on campus.

WVLT's Whitney Daniel takes a look at the more security measures being taken there right now.

"We are always in fear on a copycat or something, but at this time we don't feel like there will be one," says UT Police Chief August Washington.

Even so, UT Police have stepped up, increasing patrols and their presence on campus just in case.

"We're always concerned and when an incident like this happens, we're not only saddened, we're concerned. That's why we continue to develop our security program," says Chief Washington.

UT has a fully comprehensive police department and a security department. And they always have an emergency preparedness plan in place.

"I think you have to understand this incident at Virginia Tech," says Chief Washington. "I don't feel is a lack of security at Virginia Tech. This is a modern day tragedy is what it is. It's not an incident that reflects upon the security at that institution."

But at this institution, students say they feel pretty comfortable.

"As long as they've got the cameras and as long as UTPD is on standby, I think it'll be okay," says UT Junior Timothy Smith.

Chief Washington agrees, saying an increased police presence should help put students at ease. "People tend to have this perception that their safety is in jeopardy and so we did feel like there's a need and so the Vice Chancellor made an early morning call to heighten our security even more so, because he wants the students and the community to feel safe."

Chief Washington says living in a society with freedom of movement makes it hard to predict what might happen, but a strong police force and tight security can help deter a predator.

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