TN Students at Virginia Tech React to Shootings

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Blackburg (WVLT) - Mike McCarthy has been live in Blacksburg, Virginia and has the latest.

Adam Schmid and his freshman brother, Eric, both grew up in Knoxville.
They came to Virginia Tech to chase their dreams, but today that choice became a nightmare.

Students in shock, a campus in mourning at Virginia Tech.

"It's the saddest thing that's ever happened, the saddest thing I've ever really been a part of in my experience. It's overwhelming," student Eric Schmid said.

A combined 33 people shot and killed in Norris Hall and a dorm across campus this morning.

"As the day goes on and time passes, it's more of the emotional response, and you have your frets, and it starts to set in, and it's just horrible," Adam Schmid said.

When senior Adam Schmid and his brother, Eric, first heard about the shootings, neither one knew just how bad it was.

"I only knew of one that were...maybe just a shooting. When I left that class, you know, and 20 minutes later I get to my dorm room, and people are like 22 dead and counting, I was blown away," Eric said.

Adam usually walks through Norris Hall at the time of the shooting. Today, some errands changed his path on campus, possibly even his life. Eric got out of class early next door to the shootings.

"There's sirens, there's police officers, there's 50 police officers surrounding, they got the SWAT team pulled up in front of Norris. You can see everything. At one point, we saw students running out," Eric said.

Both brothers say today's massacre hasn't changed their plans to finish school here.

"The place I got to school. I love it here," Eric said.

"We are strong here at Virginia Tech. We will get through it, but it's going to take a lot of time," Adam said.

Time because their home has become the scene for the worst campus shooting in U.S. history.

After the shootings today, Adam and Eric called their parents and let them know they were okay. The brothers say the hardest part will be just falling asleep tonight and the coming nights.

Adam will graduate this year. Eric still has three years of school. They both say they'll never be able to look at the campus the same.

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