Students At Tech Still Coming To Grips

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Blacksburg, Va (WVLT) -- Students at Virginia Tech are still coming to grips with yesterday's massacre on their campus.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy has been following the story from Blacksburg all morning where he reports that the shooter who killed more than 30 students and faculty was one of Virginia Tech's own.

Students have set up a memorial on the campus' drill field. It is of a card board cut out of the Virginia Tech logo with the words "Always Remember" on it.

Students are signing the memorial and lighting candles to honor those students and faculty who lost their lives.

Chase Damiano who knew one of the professors killed yesterday was still having a hard time with the events of the last 24 hours.

"It makes me think why here, why now and why ever? I can't imagine someone just deciding that I am going to kill as many people as I can today," He said. "It's just tragic to think about it, to happen here where I live, its just the feeling is just powerful."

Evan Smith is a Virginia Tech student who grew up in Knoxville and graduated from Webb High School. He thinks on campus the size of Tech's, it's easy to know a friend of a friend who was killed or has been injured.

"Yeah it's a little overwhelming," Smith said, "but when you think about the school and its people, I am sure there are some from every state here. Its pretty big in the South and Northeast, so I mean you can see why you have people from all over the country feeling effected by this."

Many students including Smith say they will attend the Memorial Service at Cassel Coliseum this afternoon at 2.

We'll bring you the latest on that Memorial Service coming up tonight at 4 and 5:30.

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