Winkler Takes The Stand In Murder Trial

Selmer, Tenn. (WVLT) - Mary Winkler, the Knoxville native accused of killing her preacher husband, took the stand for the first time today in her own defense.

Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud has been following the case all morning and joins us from the newsroom with the latest.

"I did not point or shoot the gun the morning Matthew was killed", that is the word from Mary Winkler just moments ago on the witness stand.

The entire time Winkler was being asked questions she held her head down, spoke very softly, and only smiled when she was asked about the births of her three daughters.

Winkler was asked about her marriage with Matthew from the time they were newlyweds.

She described numbers events when she claims Matthew was violent, both mentally and physically.

She went on to speak about being forced to look at pornography and dress provocatively while in private.

She also described forms of physical abuse toward all three of their children.

Winkler was then asked to re-live the moments leading up to the morning of March 23rd.

She admitted to discussions of money the night before, but just moments before the shooting, Winkler claims her husband was angry that their youngest child was crying.

She claims he kicked her out of the bed and then went into the child's room and was suffocating her.

Upon confronting her husband she said he was very angry.

When asked about a gun, she said she did remember holding a gun, but not pointing it or pulling the trigger.

Winkler went on to emotionally describe going back into the bedroom after she realized she wasn't being followed by her husband.

Finding him dead.

Winkler is still on the stand at this hour.